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Taking Notes

Case Study

We work with organizations of all sizes, across industries and sectors. These case studies exemplify the work we do, the challenges we face, and the results we strive for.



Our case study for Chorus highlights a successful door-to-door project that spanned over five years and helped thousands of New Zealanders upgrade to fiber broadband. Our sales team provided exceptional customer service, built strong relationships with each client, and educated them on the benefits of fiber broadband. Our comprehensive marketing campaign, utilizing various media channels, further promoted Chorus' fiber broadband services. Our approach contributed to high levels of customer satisfaction and retention, solidifying Chorus' position as a leading provider of fiber broadband services in New Zealand.


Our telesales job for Genesis Energy involved helping thousands of New Zealanders switch their electricity provider and save money. Through our targeted outreach and persuasive messaging, we were able to educate customers on the benefits of switching to Genesis Energy and ultimately help them save thousands of dollars. Our efforts contributed to increased market share and solidified Genesis Energy's position as a leading provider of electricity services in New Zealand.




Our case study for Nicholas Jermyn showcases a successful business development project that increased sales and online presence. We identified key clients in the funeral and automotive sectors, and implemented a comprehensive digital strategy that included social media marketing and targeted email campaigns. Through our efforts, we generated curiosity in hundreds of businesses that became clients. Our approach resulted in a 900% increase in social media followers and solidified Nicholas Jermyn's position as a top provider of high-end corporate clothing.

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